Create an Overlap Image Effect Using Layer Styles in Photoshop

Last month, I posted some asphalt textures to download. The main image (seen below) featured a very simple layer style effect to make it appear as if the asphalt images had some depth to them. Today, I want to share how I created this simple effect.


Step 1

First, we need to open our image files. However, rather than going to File > Open, we’ll use another method that will automatically open up our images in the same document. To do this, go to File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack.


Step 2

A new panel will open asking to load the layers. Click on the Browse button to find your images. Make sure to select all of the images you want to use.


Once you’ve selected all of your images, you should now see them listed in the panel. Click OK to continue.


Step 3

Photoshop will run a script to open each image in the same document as a separate layer.


Step 4

Next, use the Move Tool to manually adjust each layer until all layers are visible. No need to make sure they are equally spaced—we will fix that in the next step.


Step 5

In order to make the layers appear more uniform, select all layers and go up to the Top Menu and click the Distribute Horizontal Centers icon.


Step 6

Next, add the following Layer Styles:

Note: Your settings may vary depending on the size of your images.



Step 7

Lastly, we need to apply the Layer Styles to all the other layers. To do this, Right-click the layer we just added the effect to and select Copy Layer Style.


Next, select all other layers (you can do this by Shift-clicking the layers) then Right-click and choose Paste Layer Style. This will apply the copied effect to the selected layers.


You’re Done!

The final image should look like this:


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