Hello World!

After several years of writing tutorials and articles on Photoshop and Design, I’ve finally decided to create a blog to share my ideas.

Why a Blog?

Well, a blog is a great place for me to share the new techniques I’m working on, expound on old ones, and even share my own resources I’ve created along the way. I hope to provide useful insight on a weekly basis and, hopefully, teach users how to be more proficient at Photoshop. As this site grows, I plan on including other design software as well

Lastly, what better way to introduce a new Photoshop blog than with a new Photoshop technique. The image below demonstrates a custom animation I created in Photoshop.

World Animation

The animation was created using a combination of Smart Objects and Smart Filters without using any of Photoshop’s 3D features. In fact, I took advantage of a Smart Object’s ability to retain animated layers in order to create a more complex animation.

A more detailed tutorial coming soon!

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