Photoshop Tip: Change Color of Matte

When working in Photoshop, it’s nice to be able to customize the interface to fit your needs. Depending on your project, it may help to change the color of Photoshop’s matte area (the area around the canvas) to better visualize a project. Or, maybe you prefer working with a color other than dark gray. Whatever the reason, below is a quick tip that demonstrates how to change the color of the matte.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

Step 1

To change the color of the background matte, it helps to first open a file. In this case, I have a project file already loaded to my canvas.


Step 2

Next, Right-click anywhere on the dark matte area (outside of the canvas). This will bring up a panel of color options. For this demonstration, I’ll select the Black option.


As you can see, the color of the matte is now black.


Step 3

For additional color options, go ahead and Right-click anywhere on the matte to bring up the panel again. This time, choose the option Select Custom Color.


Step 4

The Color Picker Panel will now open up to allow you to select a custom color for your matte. Select a color and click OK.


Now, your matte should be a new color. Use this technique to adjust the background matte to any color you need.


Tip: A quicker way to change colors is to use the Paint Bucket Tool and Shift-Click anywhere on the matte. This will fill the matte with current Foreground Color.

Additional Tips

For more tips like this, be sure to check out my series on Skillfeed. Note: Subscription is required (they do offer a free trial).

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