Speed Art: Animated Valentine’s Day Text Effect in Photoshop

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d share with you this speed art video on how I created this Glittering Text Effect in Photoshop (tutorial originally created for Design Tuts+). Here is the final animation from the tutorial.

Final Animation

This particular tutorial has an interesting story behind it. At this time, I was experimenting a lot with animation techniques using Smart Objects and I would constantly bounce ideas off my wife. One day when I was working on some Photoshop projects, she held up her glittery clutch purse and asked if I could create a tutorial on it.

I actually thought it was a great idea. I borrowed her purse for awhile and would move it around under the light to figure out how I could best emulate the random glittering effect. As I worked on the technique in Photoshop, I decided to apply it as a text effect. Watch below to see a Speed Art video on how I created this glittering text effect. Enjoy!

Speed Art

One thought on “Speed Art: Animated Valentine’s Day Text Effect in Photoshop

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